Cal Poly Delegates Advance to the 2023 CSU Student Research Competition

Ten research projects have been selected to represent Cal Poly at the annual California State University (CSU) system-wide competition April 28-29 hosted by San Diego State University.

The 19 Cal Poly delegates were chosen from 34 projects involving 69 undergraduate students, graduate students and recent alumni. The Academic Senate Grants Review Committee selected the 10 projects to move forward at the university’s internal competition.

“It is exciting to see how students, faculty and staff are making a difference in their disciplines and our world with their research, scholarship and creative activities,” said Jane Lehr, director of the Office of Student Research. “These were the most consistently strong presentations that I have had the opportunity to see compete in this process.”


Student/Alum Researchers 

Research Advisor 

Snake Relocation Policies and Practices within the Continental United States  

Robin Bedard*, Megan Rottenborn (CSM) 

Emily Taylor 

Abiotic & Biotic Constraints on Blue Oak Woodland Restoration in the Sierra Foothills  

Iris Bookholtz, Fiona O'Neill (CAFES) 

Jeremy James 

Fabrication and Characterization of Electrospun “Blood Vessel Mimic” Scaffolds  

Squeaky Buentipo (CENG) 

Kristen O'Halloran Cardinal 

Drivers of Nearshore Marine Heatwaves and Cold Spells in the California Current  

Michael Dalsin (CSM) 

Ryan Walter 

The Torus of Triangles  

Madeleine Goertz (CSM) 

Eric Brussel 

Special Collections at Kennedy Library: The Historic Black Community of San Luis Obispo  

Ethan Gutterman (CLA) 

Thanayi Jackson 

Codependency, Internalizing Symptoms, and Relationship Dissolution in Emerging Adulthood  

Marina Kare, Olivia Wallin, Ariadne Kaylor (CLA) 

Jasna Jovanovic 

EIC Crab Cavity Low-Level RF Design  

Trevor Loe, Trevor Hidalgo, Matti Toivola (CSM) 

Themis Mastoridis 

Gaze Detection for Drivers to Monitor Distracted Driving  

Nam Nguyen*, Pranshul Lakhanpal*, Asmita Sharma* (CENG) 

Jonathan Ventura 

Valorization of Carrot Processing Waste  

Jordan Richards*, Jack Madden (CAFES) 

Samir Amin 

* Denotes graduate student standing at the time that the research, scholarship, and/or creative activity was completed 

Read more about Cal Poly's participation in the CSU-wide competition.

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