Summer 2022 Campus-Wide Student Researcher Workshops

The Office of Student Research and the CSU-LSAMP Program at Cal Poly – in partnership with Research Integrity & Compliance – are delighted to share the schedule for the Summer 2022 Campus-Wide Student Researcher Workshops series. ❤
Workshops are Tuesday and Thursday 11:10am to 12pm from T 6/21 to Th 8/18. Workshops are Zoom-only from 6/21 to 6/30 and hybrid from 7/5 to 8/18. (If joining by Zoom, participants will be required to sign-in to their Cal Poly or other Zoom account.)
Open to all disciplines, the workshops are for current and future student researchers and their mentors. All members of the campus community are welcome to join at any time throughout the series.
Check out the calendar at
Stay up-to-date by checking the calendar regularly and following the Office of Student Research on Instagram @calpolystudentresearch.
Have a question? Please email and cc

  • Students enrolled in the zero-credit, zero-cost UNIV 421: Summer Undergraduate Research Experience course are in the loop!
    • Can’t register for the course? Please let us know if you would like to be added to the UNIV 421 canvas site.
    • Reminder: All continuing students supported in Summer 2022 by a student researcher fellowship financial award (or stipend) that is processed via Financial Aid (e.g., Frost or College-based SURP) must enroll in this zero-cost, zero-credit course. Other students active in Summer 2022 student research are welcome to enroll.
  • Hosting or know about an event open to the campus community (at Cal Poly or elsewhere) that should be added to the calendar? Please let us know!
  • Faculty & staff: If you are requiring that students participate in one or more of these workshops as part of their summer research experience, please know that we will be asking participants to sign in at the start of each workshop and can coordinate with you at your request.

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